Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Future

Okay sorry about another one of these odd life choices posts but I'm really in quite a pickle.
That's right.

A pickle.

Over this week I've had a lot of emotions, not only had season 3 of AMC's  The Walking Dead been released on Netflix (God, that show really gets me.) but also I had been thinking a lot about my future. Depending on who you ask life is either a gift or a job, short or long, half full or half empty. So as I watched Andrew Lincoln run his prison home through my tears (Because of the show. Don't wanna spoil it.) I thought about what I want to do.
I had a recent conversation (sort of) with my good friend Anna, who listened then promptly said: "You'd be good at any of those things. But for now let's eat our food and not think about our future."
Here are the things I'm considering putting my time into:

  1. An acting career. Some may find this impractical but I know I can do it. Though I have no experience off stage, the little time I've had on stage have been enjoyable and I'm not terrible. With a little practice and effort I'm sure I could be just fine. I work well off of others emotions and answers, and I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself. I'm strong in my morals so I wouldn't go spiraling and if it didn't work out I could just stop. 
  2. Something in fashion. Whether it's writing a column in a fashion magazine, blogging for a company, or helping get models in order backstage, I would love to go into fashion. Seeing as I love food and am too uggo  to go into Modeling I would take my place either writing about Fashion or helping out with the talented people.
  3. Music career. I personally don't really like the idea of this. It has never been something I'v ever wanted so I don't know why I'm even listing it. The reason I put my videos up is for people enjoyment, not for a profit and not for a career. 
  4. Desk job. I could wear what I want.
So yes, I am only 14 (soon to be 15) but if I want to go into acting I would want to start early, get my foot in the door if ya know what I'm saying.
If I did even have a chance in that area of expertise, I would not go to Disney. I know that's the leading employer for younger actors and actresses, but Disney and ABC Family would not be an employer I would want.
I know I couldn't be picky but still...

So here's my problem, and I'm asking for your thoughts.

Love, Lizzie

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