Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello October

I'v been quite flustered lately. Thinking about my future, and what choices I'll have to make always gets me like this. And with this Acting, not acting business I just feel a bit stressed. So I took my school book, my camera, my notebook and a blankey out to my yard and decided to just enjoy the pre-fall weather. 
October is upon us, and with it thoughts of costumes, Christmas and turkeys pop into everyone's heads and they realize the new year is just around the corner. For me this year went by SO quick! It seems like just last week we were in Jamaica, then Music man just got done 3 days ago. My birthday is only in 3 months and I only have 2 pairs of jeans!
This has pretty much been my mind this last month. Except with a lot more jumble and less costumes. 

Boo has been a part of the family for about as long as I have, she likes watching the cats run around.

I'v had so many favorite songs this past month, I'll have to make a playlist or something.
Also, get ready, I'll probably be making a Shows-to-watch this fall post this month.

Finn was very curious since he had never been in our front yard before. 

And who can't go into October without picking up some thrifty sweaters! Especially striped ones!

HA! Don't think I don't see you sneaky leaves, cause I do. 
I do.

Enjoy the beginning of October and don't let things stress you out too much! I know the holiday season can be a lot but don't worry!
I can be the basket case, not you ;) 

Love, Lizzie

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