Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spooky Movies

Happy Halloween!

To be honest, my family has never really done much for Halloween (sue me) I'v never been trick or treating, but we have done pumpkins and watched scary movies.

SO today, I'm gonna list my Halloween Movie picks!

Nightmare Before Christmas

WHO CAN'T WATCH THIS ON HALLOWEEN? I mean, come on, it's a classic! The spooky but heart filled movie with singing! And Tim Burton has to make an appearance on this holiday.

The Call

This movie is intense, more of a suspense than just pure horror (gotta be honest, I'm not too fond of scary movies). If you're blonde and in your teens this is EXTRA spooky, so just warning you. Good if you just want something scary, but not TOO gory.


Zombies, funny, Haymitch and Emma stone. Not to mention Mark Zuckerberg and Mel Gibsons daughter from Signs, all running around talking about twinkies and romance.

Edward Scissorhands 

Another Tim Burton, more 'weird-as-frick than scary. But still, makes the list.

The Village

For people who don't like scary movies.

Love, Lizzie

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