Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Actors who I look up to

Now, this isn't just as people, it's just a few (i couldn't fit all of them) actors and actresses that I 'study' as an aspiring actress.
These people stand out to me with their acting abilities, and I hope to be as good as them some day.

Osric Chau 

You may not know Osric, but if you watch Supernatural you probably recognize him as Kevin, the prophet. Osric did not stand out to me at first, in his first ever episode, I didn't see anything special. But as the show went on he became one of my favorites. He crept up on me and his acting skills are real special, not to mention he gives me hope with his story of just being a normal fan, then becoming a recurring character.

Jenna Louise Coleman 

I gotta say I didn't see this little lady in anything before her appearance in Doctor Who as Clara, the Impossible Girl but she stood out at something fabulous right away. With her snappy attitude one minute and then her tearful vulnerability another, she is someone that cannot be overlooked. 

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki 

These two goofs come from Supernatural, being the two brothers from the beginning. I'm putting them together to save space and I thought it was fitting.
Jensen plays the older brother, Dean, while Jared plays the younger (but taller) brother, Sam. These two from the start had a chemistry only siblings could have, and have been inseparable since. Jensen's ability to be cold and callused, torn and frayed, strong and weak is really something. His love for his little brother cannot be doubted and that stands out to me. Jared has a talent for playing multiple characters, while still being...Sam. It's amazing how he can go from Sam to (for example) Ezekiel, the angel. These two have worked hard and they deserve all the praise they can get, and  I look up to their acting skills everyday. 
Jennifer Lawrence

Who doesn't know this woman? From her breakout role in Winters Bone, to her role in the upcoming film Catching Fire, Jennifer Lawrence has it all. This down to earth actress cannot be stopped, playing in films with Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and many others, she shines in anything she's in. Whenever you go see her in a film, you never know what she will be like, and that's something that I adore. 

Zooey Deschanel 

Zooey has always been one of my favorites. I loved her the minutes she spoke in Elf, then felt resentment for her in one my favorite films, 500 Days of Summer. Not to mention her quirky role in New Girl, her hit TV show on FOX. Zooey can be as cute as a button one movie, then give a speech that'll bring tears to your eyes in the next. She has always been that slightly weird cutiepie of the film business, and I would never want her to change. Her fearlessness to look silly inspires me and always has. 

Andrew Lincoln 

Last, but not least, Andy Lincoln makes it on this list because of his role in AMC's original series, The Walking Dead.
He plays Sheriff Rick Grimes, and the reason he (And many others in the show) stand out to me is his ability to change his character, and it always is. By starting out as the hopeful Law Abiding Man, he deteriorates into a broken criminal, then builds himself back up. As a dramatic actor he is probably one of my favorites, and I take so much from him and his acting styles. From the stage to TV, he stand out.

Unfortunately I couldn't fit ALL of the people I look up to in the acting business in one post, or else it would have been VERY LONG. Longer than this even .
Maybe I'll do a part two...

Love, Lizzie

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