Friday, October 11, 2013

Decision can be tough

So backstory: my community does a thing onces a month where local artists can come and show off their stuff, and in one of the shops they had these guys:

Amazing quality, these mechanical monsters were insanely well done in detail, this last one more so than the one in the rocker. I can't lie, I almost went into Rick Grimes mode...

At this night my sister was one of the features, showing off her beautiful photography. 
Make sure to give it a like!

And here is just a little taste of my fall. 
It's been a kind of...interesting week for me. Nothing's really happened, just I have been kinda stuck.
Oh well, it's nearly Halloween
Love, Lizzie

(I'm kind of rushed for time today so no links but they can all be found in past blog posts xox) 

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