Friday, August 2, 2013

Give me a break

As you may have noticed i do not dress like the average 14 year old. I never have, and i doubt i ever will dress in the latest "cool" fashion. Yes, there are certain fads that i like, for example, that overalls are coming back. But 14 year olds aren't wearing those, 21 year old fashion students are. 57 year olds are usually wearing the same sweater and pants as me.
I sometimes wished i did like the 'normal' clothes but then i just go: "meh i love fashion and fashion isn't about what other people are wearing."
I find it easier to be 'on my own' with nobody that i know around, that way i don't have to feel pressure and i can wear what i like.
Well this got depressing.
So here's my outfit for the day:

1- DIY kitkat graphic t
2- high wasted shorts that you'v seen many times
3-old ked-style rocket dogs
i need real keds. 

So yea, this is my outfit for the day, it's kinda hot so i just wanted to wear something easy.
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Love, Lizzie


  1. Like your outfit! :)