Monday, August 5, 2013

Finn McMissile

So my littler brother (8) got a kitten yesterday, and named him after Michael Canes character in Cars 2:
Finn McMissile.
Cheeky Finn.
Our other cat, Kevin (He's a big fat baby) was not happy about this but keeps his distance.
*Sigh* cat drama.
Oh dear lord, that sentence...
*the cat crazy cat lady process begins...*
Actually, i'v killed pretty much every pet i'v owned. Not on purpose of course, they just die after 2 years.
Or less...

this is ol' Finny boy

and this is our jelly baby Kevin

right now it's just an overload of cute.

real quick, out fit of the day.
1- striped sweater
2-squirrel ring and mint nail polish
3- velvet loose trousers

the trousers look awful in this picture but they're extremely comfortable and actually pretty light weight.
thanks for reading 
Love, Lizzie