Thursday, August 1, 2013

It smelled like hand sweat and old vinyl

Today i took a trip (ish) to a music store. Now this isn't' just your average music store, this is local, we-know-the-owner-and-the-guy-who-runs-it kinda music store.
The good kind.
And I went to this place because I was buying a uke.
A ukulele that is.
But i still thought you guys should be able to witness this fine establishment in my little town...

This is an opera house thats been here FOREVER.
I'v performed a few times in it, quite amazing. 

My sister and i have always had a strong love for records, we prefer them to CD's and listen as much as we can. We got that from my daddy-o i think 

And here's something very special....

My new ukulele! YEAAA 
I'l be using it to do covers and writing songs, all videos i will post and such. 
What is your favorite instrument? Who's your favorite band/artist? 
Do you prefer records to CD's or something else entirely? 
Thanks for reading :)

Have a lovely day and hope you enjoyed this post xox
Love, Lizzie

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