Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My favorite lookbookers (part 2)

So i really enjoyed doing the last lookbook oriented post, and you all reacted very nicely to it. Not only did i enjoy getting the word out about those four fabulous people, i enjoyed how much they and others liked it.
So here's another one, and i think it'll become weekly for sure.

Kiana Mccourt

This young lady is our first in the 'line up' and is certainly a jewel in the lookbook community. Her vintage style and not-too-cute-not-too-serious style certainly suits her. Her store on etsy full of vintage dresses, shoes and other various clothing items. Her blog is elegant and classic, yet carefree. This California girl won't be overlooked.

Matthias Cornilleau

This classic yet quirky young man has been one of my favorites for a bit now. He caught my eye from when i first started and hasn't stopped since. His classy-never-trashy style is refreshing and bright. He can make dress shoes seem casual, and old tshirts look like it's a million bucks. Paris is certainly the perfect place for him as he blogs his way through life. "Some mornings you feel bad so take a few minutes to dress yourself as well as you can. You'll smile." Are the words in his bio on lookbook, and you can definitely see that he's taken that to heart.

Amy Scheepers

The photographer with a love for fashion and capturing beauty is as lovely as she looks. This South African jewel captures the sassy, yet adorable side of fashion with her mix of vintage and modern clothes, she makes anything look good. I can't get enough of her blog, her fashion, or her photos. She dreams of the world and makes our blogger/fashion community brighter everytime she posts. She has definitely earned her place in my favorites.

Zoe Suen
Who couldnt love this Hong Kong teens eye for fashion, with her vintage American Apparel feel and serious yet adorable style. Zoe is the epitome of easy going yet so put together. She captures simple and vintage in the same outfit and looks are as lovely as she. I could not pass her up, and cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.  

Well i hoped you enjoyed this and found some new favorites, these are all lovely, lovely people and all have a great sense of fashion.
Thanks for reading
Love, Lizzie

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    1. sure thing and thanks for reading ^^ glad you liked my blog xox

  2. Love these lookbookers you picked!
    actually I discovered Zoe Suen yesterday and pretty much browsed through her entire blog haha, loving her style :)

    thanks for following me!

    1. Thanks for reading and no problem, i love your blog :) And yea, Zoe is really a true favorite of mine. So many of the lookbookers are so unique and awesome it's hard to choose sometimes who to feature:P but these four just felt right for this post
      Thanks again xox