Sunday, April 21, 2013

What may come

So it's been a dark time for the USA.
And many people are suffering.
Many people wont wake up, wont be able to do the things they used to do, and wont be able to go to parades or runs (etc.) without feeling afraid and a bit threatened.
But there are those other people.
Those people who helped the afraid people, who pulled those people in shock away from the pain, and closed the little kids eyes, and hugged the people who felt dead.
They helped the people hope.
And that is what makes the human race get through these hardest of times. No matter what, good will always out do evil.
No matter what bomb drops, or gun fires, or knife strikes there will always be those people.
Those good people.
So if you are in Watertown, or even just in Boston over all, please, dont give up hope. Don't look back on what happened, look foreward to the people who helped, to the good things to come, and to the prayers that are coming your way.
Don't worry.
Because even if it takes a while, a long while, it always gets better.
There are always good people.

Love, Lizzie

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