Monday, April 15, 2013

For the ones that are different.

As you may have noticed in my past posts, i have a little different taste in style. And...a lot of things.
Some may say it's weird, or ugly or i'l regret it but that's okay.
Because to everyone who likes something different, whether it's just liking a different kind of music, or wearing funky colored contacts, or just putting peanut butter on..gummy bears? i dunno, but we all have one little funky thing that we love, and i have a lot...
And sure, i get teased for it, and yea i sometimes it makes me sad and i feel like i don't belong but that's okay.
Because sometime's it's better not to belong.
And yes, no matter what you do, even if you followed everyone else's fads, and likes and dislikes you would still have someone who teased you or gave you "hate" and that's okay.
Because no matter what, there is ALWAYS someone who loves you, and their love, will out do anyone elses hate on you.
If you are a bit different, that's good (Which, everyone is different from each other so this is to everyone i guess:p) if you're not afraid to show people what you love even if it's a little wonky great, go ahead.
That's what makes human beings so special: is that no matter what, we are all, some how, different from eachother.
And it's fantastic.
So if you are feeling left out, or blue, or just plain done with the world i hope you think about all those other lovely different people who might share a few of you're differences.
Or who might think that you are just...the cats pajamas.
So keep that lovely weird chin of yours up and keep thinking about the lovely things <3

Love, Lizzie


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