Monday, March 18, 2013

The Friendzone.

You know what i'm talking about muchachos.
Everyone, unless they are still in their mamas oven, or they are younger then...i dunno...11...maybe, has been in the friendzone.
Just sayin.
Or, you're really lucky and have never experienced this....just kidding, even if your lucky, you have.
So, when you get in the friendzone, it can sometimes be hard to get out of it; Seeing as, the person who put you in the that awful prison of horror, probably really likes a friend.(the buttcake)
Here are some things that might tell you if you are in the friendzone or not (if you dont know):

  • He/She will tell you you are such a good friend. A lot. 
  • They ask you to be your wingman.
  • They tell you about the people they like. All. The. Time. And they always have names, and they always are not talking about you.
  • They will just come out and tell you (Probably when talking to someone else, laughing and having a grand old time)that you are in the friendzone. Example: "haha yea, this is _____ he/she's in the friendzone" (That was a really bad example)
The dang crappers. 
Being in the friendzone isnt always a BAD thing...i could be in the friendzone with a really gross person...i guess...
I'v been in the friendzone many times, but i dont really mind because im not really into dating right now (and neither is my rules) and i am still friends with the people who i was in the friendzone with (That should be awkward if any of my friends read this...) and we're all good now, but just to let you know, it could get better.
And also, being in the friendzone could be part your fault. Some people are too afraid to ask, that they just stay in the friendzone forever.
And ever.

So if you ARE in the friendzone, and you're not sure if the other person likes you or not, go for it, i mean come on.
If you guys are good friends it's not like she/he's gonna be like:
"ew."So yea. If you are in the friendzone dont worry about it, you will either:
  • Get out of the friendzone (YAY)
  • Find someone else that doesnt put you in the friendzone (YAY)

oh and this is a set i made on polyvore...named friendzone...

i have no life.

Love, Lizzie

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