Sunday, March 17, 2013

Youtube Singers (part one?)

Youtube (now) has such a wide variety of videos and people, but today i think we should focus on some of the singers on youtube, putting themselves and their talent out there for the world to see.

Julia Nunes

Julia started putting up her singing videos in 2006 and has been doing it ever since. She grew and grew until she finally started going on tour, opening for Ben Folds, and even meeting the fabulous Conan O'Brien.
Her covers are unique and original, and her songs (that she wrote herself) are beautiful and spunky.
She's gotten far, and she is quite the talented miss.
Her original song, "stay awake"

Her cover mash up.

And here's the link to her newest album!

Next up, we have Jordan Sweeto 

With his few originals and his growing popularity he really is quite the performer, with his pop sound he is quickly moving toward fame ;P 

He also does some gaming that he puts up (much like PewdiePie, SmoshGames, and many others)
Check out his youtube channel here:

Next we have Chester See
You may have seen him in NigaHigas videos, but he does a lot of covers, and only does music videos on his channel (i think, i havent seen ALL his videos...)

(Tiffany is a singer too...but you probably guessed that...)
And here is an original (well...kinda) with NigaHiga and...that other guy who is a singer...that was on the Voice for a little bit....

Oh and this is my sister with her friend Suzanne, check out more of her vids here! (shes good!)

Okay i dont want to make this super long, and they're are SO many other great youtubers on there that can sing awesomely (awesomely?) 
But i gotta leave it at these, hope you enjoyed it and make sure to check them all out!

Love, Lizzie

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P.s. Put your link below if YOU ARE A SINGER TOO *le gasp*

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