Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Granpa styles

My Granpa styles
If you havent noticed, i like fashion. I enjoy fashion that kind of stands out of the
crowd, and i especially enjoy vintage and what i like to call "Grandpa style" now i
couldnt find
ALL the things i wanted on Polyvore, but i came pretty close to my dream outfits 8-)
Like, right now, i am wearing vintage (they used to be my moms...) baggy brown
trousers, with a button down short sleeved collared shirt (Floral) with swayed business
style shoes (i dont know what to callthem off the top of my head and im too lazy to
look it up) and a green wool cardigan that was actually owned by an old man.
Who had great style by the way.
So yea, i just put together a little thing, if you want MORE sets on my blog,
please comment!
 And also, check out Polyvore.
Thanks for reading guys, it means MORE then you know!

Love, Lizzie

Comment/FOLLOW/Just check it out :)

P.s. sorry about the people who dont really like fashion, i've had a bit of a blogger block
>.< But no worries lovies!

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