Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Fashion: For the Gentleman

So i decided to do a spring fashion line up for men *Ooh lala*
Hope you enjoy it :)

 The combat boot with the bow tie. Who doesnt like this look? Sure the "macho man" might not like it but, oh well ;)
Any one knows this is a fabulous look.
 The best time to wear a striped sweater?
With a fun sneaker and a layered sweater over a collar, is a great look for spring. Layers, are always good for spring.
 The patterned pant with bright socks (I think i actually own those shoes..the brown ones i mean...)
Both of these outfits are great if you need a good spring work clothing thing.
Good stuff right there.
 Who doesnt like a leather jacket and skinny tie? Thats right. No one.
This doesnt need much of a caption, the button down shirt with the leather jacket tells spring: "Come at me."
 This odd outfit encapsulates the brightness of spring, with the light jacket soft sweater. Any head in fashion would know this is the way to go.
And also, that blue coat is fabulous.
in the back.
This is for a good mix of pin stripes and plaid, never thought it work but here it is. The work boots top this outfit off for a good casual spring day. it really is a great outfit the modern man.

Thanks to The Sartorialist and Pinterest for the pictures.

Hope you enjoyed it! And we're all ready for spring!
Love, Lizzie

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