Tuesday, March 12, 2013

(Sorry Dudes) Wedding Ideas (For Spring/Summer)

So i guess i''v been in the wedding "Mood" with my brother getting ready for his ceremony in June (Or July  I cant...remember...Terrible sister) and I know spring and summer are a good time for weddings. So, i decided that i would put together a little post about Wedding Ideas (WOO)
Do this.

Well since its kind of YOUR special thing to do your wedding dress i thought i wouldnt do so much white gowns, but more bridesmaid dresses.
This light, pastel, cute dress would make a good spring wedding highlight,
But maybe a bit too old fashioned for some?
Here's a site that has a bit more to choose from
 The hair.
Every bride (and non bride) knows how important the hair is.
With up-dos and down, it always means a lot to the girls.

 Dont know why they are all blonde....
I liked this one, thought i was nice with the large beads and the soft poofs.

For if you want it down, the side braid is quite nice, and of course, there is always more styles on the amazing Pinterest.
those dang pores.
Here are a few tips on how to have a clear face for your wedding, and how to get rid of blackheads easy
<--- That is how to make your own pore strips (nice)
Just click the nice

Desperate times call for desperate measures...

And Hey! it works...
 For a eye makeup that goes with anything, soft smoky light makeup is the way to go.
Unless, of course, you want something else...
Once again, pinterest probably has what ya need ;)

For a clever sign in, a item that has to do with you and your hubby or something you love makes for awesomeness...
plus people will think you're a genius.
I just thought this was a good idea, and a bit pretty ;P
Light Bulbs and papier mache balls hang over the tables, you can probably do it with anything not just those things.

More DIY ideas here

Oh what the heck look at these pretty dresses! :D

Okay, well i hope you got some inspiration and thanks Pinterest for providing all the pictures and links.

Love, Lizzie

P.s. Sorry...men... ;P

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