Monday, March 11, 2013

For the Ladies: Spring Fashion

I love fashion. But i dont get involved with it as much as i want and i love to experiment with odd outfits, which doesnt exactly make me the cool kid at my age but whatever ;)

So today i thought i would give out a spring fashion line up for ladies ;) doesnt that sound nice? Yea.
Lets do this.

 The spring fling dress. If you are more of the colorful spring type, then this kind of dress is for you. Casual/Dressy, ready for a good time.
 For the laid back, but still looking fabulous type. You know you look great with pastel pants and lace top. Perfect for the soft attitude spring always brings.
You try to be sophisticated but the kid still shows through, with this delicate playful collard dress you cant go wrong, black tights cover up those pasty legs until you can get a good old tan with the new sunshine coming your way ;)

 One of my personal favorites, not so much the hat but some might like that the most about this lovely outfit. With sunshine coming out of your toes you complete a ankle length dress with open heels. Pattern or no pattern, always fun for spring.
 If you live in a place like where I live, then you know that even with spring some days just get oh so chilly. A nice light jacket always helps the mood.
 Now this is what i like, for the "hippie" look, spring is a perfect time. With long skirts, ponchos and little push down socks you can really bring out the shine in the bright days to come. Pastel maxi skirts always brighten up the occasion whatever the occasion may be.
And finally, the The below the Knee A line skirt. This classic look is loved for a reason, with its elegant yet fun style, anyone can have a good day while wearing a spring colored or printed A skirt.

And that concludes the Spring line up. Hope you enjoyed it, because i certainly enjoyed making it ;)
Thanks to: The Sartorialist  and my Pinterest
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Love, Lizzie
P.s i will do a spring line up for men, ready ;)
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