Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Best Tunes to Brighten Your Day

So, these might not be YOUR favorites (I cant know...because i dont stalk the people who read my blogs...yet>.> jk) but these songs can instantly brighten my day, they may not be the best or the most clever but they lift my spirits.
The song that Will Ferrel sings in the movie stranger then fiction, the jammin tunes of Wreckless Eric can make the grayest day feel like summer. 

Aw yea, the hit song of Modern English can really make you feel the good feels, with the love song that everyone enjoys, Melt With You really gets ya jammin.

I seriously dont know any person that doesnt like this song, i mean come on.
Van Morissons rockin summer tune Brown Eyed Girl always makes me smile.

This may not be the best lyric wise but it still gets me dancing, with the lighthearted beat it really gets ya jumpin (Thats right, jumpin)

My Girl doesn't even need a caption.

This cute love song from the hit band Fun. i quite enjoy, it just makes me think of warm air, tans and happy times.

Well i hope this brightened your day (If you're having a gray one, which if you live in NY or the UK it probably is ;P)
Thanks for reading because i liked writing.

Love, Lizzie
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Love you peeps!

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