Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inspired by My Childhood

Polyvore didnt exactly have all the unfashionable things i wore when i was ten but
this is close enough.
It's time for a story.

Okay so my Grandpa is probably one of the most fun and cool granpas ever.
 Both of my granpas are, but this story takes place with the Granpa on my moms side.
One of the fun things we did was ride around his big yard in his pickup truck, but we
would ride in the bed. So one day, my sisters and i were sitting in the back
with our thin square of
american cheese waiting for our granpa to come back out of the shop
(He's a machinist and he has his own business like my dad, but my dad isn't a machinist)
 and we were sitting with our legs dangling over the end of the bed,
our cheese squares in hand when finally my Poppa came out of the
shop and got in the truck.
 "Lizzie, dont sit so close to the edge," My oldest sister Marilla said to me.
But I didnt really listen because she was always telling me to do things so i kinda tuned
out i guess. She told me again and i said: "Marilla it's fine i'm not that close-"
The moment i said these words the truck moved forward, sending me, and my
cheese, onto the asphalt.
At first i was kinda dazed, my head hurt a bit but i was more worried about
something else:
My cheese.
I had held on to that cheese even when i could have bust my brain holder
open, so that cheese
was going to stay.
Everybody hustled me inside where they put cold stuff on my forehead,
asked if anything hurt about fifty times and then brought my sorry little buns home.
Turns out my head got the least of the harm, when i took a shower later that
 day i saw that my entire back was scraped from my neck down to my lower back.
BUUUT since im a super hero i have no scars, and i healed well.

Inspired by My Childhood

Thanks for reading!

Love, Lizzie

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