Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Bucket list.

Everyone has some kind of bucket list: Something they wanna do before they call it quits and go to the big fluffy mashed potatoes in the sky (Clouds) and here are a few of mine ;)

  1. See the grand canyon. Duh.
  2. make a really good shortfilm.
  3. Sing on a float in a parade like Ferris.
  4. Make the perfect smoothie. 
  5. Zip line.
  6. Sky dive.
  7. go to a grocery store, get zip ties, knives, and a heavy duty trash bags. and then just stare at the cashier. 
  8. Put glitter in my pockets along with some streemers and confetti so when ever anyone says something stupid or rude i can just drown them in a baptism of stupid. 
  9. Go to England.
  10. Live in England.
  11. Go to all the Art Museums that i want to go to.
  12. Make the perfect meatballs.
  13. Visit more of my homeland 'Murica
  14. Actually do something on my bucket list.
So there ya go, comment something on YOUR bucket list and i promise i'l have a better post next time >.< 
Love, Lizzie

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