Friday, March 8, 2013

Good Days.

We all know what a good day is. When someone says the words "Good" and "day" in the same sentences a plethora of images, smells and sounds pop into our head. We all have our good days.
When i hear the words "Good Days" i think of Jamaica, my good friends, my family (not all of them...;P) the smell of grilling, and the feel of jumping into the lake on a hot day.
Now, this can be different for everyone, but i still think it is worth a mention.
What i like to do (or try to, anyway) is when i'm having a bad day (Get a 65 on my math, stub my PINKIE toe *shiver* get yelled at, get a stomach ache,  ya know what a bad day is) is to think of all the things that make up a good day, and focus really hard on those.
Like, Friday I'm In Love, by the Cure

Or, the movie surfs up

 Or maybe my moms cooking? (Yea thats right, spaghetti and meatballs the RIGHT WAY)

Or perhaps my family's dog Boo.
 Or maybe staying home all day and taking pictures with my sister.
Sexy, i know.  
or pretty flowers, or going into the backwoods

without looking stoned that is...give me a break i was sick...
or going to a concert

 Well whatever makes up a good day for you, comment below or make a post about it and comment the link and i'l check it out :)

Love, Lizzie

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  1. That dog is adorable! I want one so much! :(
    And the picture of you in the woods is lovely, as is, of course the one of you and your sister;)

    Meg @