Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bands. But not the bands that everyone knows...

Okay so i wanted to give a shoutout about some bands that are really good, but not everyone knows about them...well, a lotta people do...but...anyways...

The boy band that has a rock/pop sound, with the story starting 7th grade (They performed "Purple Haze" for school) and has gone on strong to today. With Disney and other managers coming for them fast, they have grown from the four guys just having fun to four guys having fun but being payed doing it.
They have a sweet sound, and wouldn't be missed in crowd.
If you wanna check out their...

The Icarus Account.
The twins that took over the music scene, it started with a country concert and went on strong from there.
"I want to be able to play music that can give people goosebumps.’” Says Ty, remembering the feeling that the music gave him when he heard it. The two are living the dream with their band, rocking the world one song at a time.
Wanna check out their...

Thats all the bands for now, but i hope you enjoy this little post :) Comment a band below and i'l check it out!
Love, Lizzie
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  1. I lov finding new music to listen to :) Thanks or posting :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.