Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This was my mothers idea.

So i watch a bunch of shows, ok, and retain all this useless information, and it was all for not until my brother and his fiance wanted to watch a show that they knew i liked, and my brother liked (He had only seen a few episodes of it) but they didnt know which episodes we're good or not.
SO he came and got me, asked me which episodes we're good and weren't TOO "you have to see it from the beginning to understand it".
SO my mom was like: "Yo, you should do reviews or have a little business on that blog thing of yours," so here it is.
You give me a show, you ask me things like:

  • Is it too graphic for little niblets (kids)? 
  • is there crazy sex scenes (grody dude)?
  • what episodes are good for rainy days. 
  • What episode has an alien that wants to be a doctor but cant because its actually a human. 
  • What show has drama and funnies...and a little bit of mystery.
I'l do the best i can, and come on, i watch too much Netflix anyways this'll help us both. 

YOU GOT QUESTIONS? Tell me the show/episode/season and i'l do my best to answer you sexual hamsters. 

Comment the questions or e-mail me: 

Please dont use my e-mail for anything BUT questions. Thank you ^^ 

Love, Lizzie

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