Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I cooked.

So out of the blue my mother told me I was cooking dinner. She handed me the cooking light magazine and gave me a hard push (figuratively) in the direction of the stove and more appropriate the fears of making the mini meatloafs.
Let me just start off with saying garlic is the hardest thing I've ever had to chop up finely. I mean, I've always had a mental block with chopping but this was the be all end all of chopping. They stuck together, they stucko my hand they stuck to the board they made everything smell like an ogres breath and I was just a mess.
Next I had to get the meat out which immediately made me feel like a cereal killer because I had blood staining my hands and fore arms (don't know how that happened...) and meat flecks in my nails. No, not a cereal more like a t-Rex...that...grounds it's kill before eating it...any ways I then went all iron chef and put the sautéed onions and garlic in with the panco crumbs, parsley( was it parsley?) and other ingredients into a bowl. This is when I really felt like a t-Rex because I made my arms all t-rexy and had the sounds of dinosaurs because my brother was watching Jurassic park in the living room...ok I can't lie I did make it look like I was making said noises...though no one else was watching...
Anyhoo after I patted the little meet clusters into the pan I felt accomplished. Just kidding I didn't.
But still they look pretty good...

P.s. they didn't kill me and they weren't too shabby...

Happy blogging! Love Lizzie,

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  1. haha this actually made me laugh. You do know that it's serial killer, not cereal? They don't kill cereal :P

    1. Haha yes, i realize this ;P i was speaking of the worst kind of killer:the killer of Cereal. and also, do i know you? :P