Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Tale of the Broken Tube and Sneak Bathing Suit Bottoms.

This is a short post, just wanted to share the story of the time my sisters bathing suit bottoms came off her bum during water tubing.

So my Grandpa has always been fortunate enough to own a boat for the whole of my life (14 years or more) and he has taken us tubing since we could swim.
If you dont know, water tubing is when you take a rubber tube filled with air behind a boat and you go fast and your turn and you try and get the person off the tube. Well, that's how we did it...i dunnno about any one else.
So anyways, my Darling Gramps had gotten a new tube, ok, a small little tube with a place a piece of canvas cloth at the bottom of the hole in the middle of the little yellow speed machine. My sister, Grace, decided she wanted to be the first to ride it and so she hopped on that tiny little fart of a tube and my Grandpa started the process of throwing her off. My other sister and i were spotters and watched as we zigged and zagged through our lake, when Grace decided she wanted to try standing up.
She started to wobbly extend her legs, when all of a sudden she dropped down (LE GASP!), we saw her arms flailing because she was being dragged. My Grandpa quickly stopped the boat and we called out to her, a bit frazzled, she called to us that she was fine but she had lost something.
 "What?" My sister called, leaning out to hear what she was missing.
 "My PANTS." My sister screamed. "Dont come out!" She yelled, scrambling in the water. "They're on my ankles!"
Here's what happened: the tube bottom went out from under her (Damn thing) and she held on to the tube with her Elvin like arms. But her poor little bottoms decided there was too much danger and got outa there hella fast, only to stop when Grace grabbed them with her feet.

Moral: Dont buy crappy tubes...and ducttape your undies to that booty of yours just incase...

What came from it: The Moon over Miami is now her secret nickname.


Comment a short story about your sisters bum below!

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