Monday, February 25, 2013

Candy Bars of my life.

Snickers: It is the only one you should ever care about. It is the asgard of all candy bars and should never ever be compared to the other cacks that call themselves candy bars. It is the all, it is the everything of delicious goodies.
If it we're a man. It would be Ryan Gosling.

Twix: That candy bar that you only get because you want something sweet. But you end up disappointed and your teeth hurting.

Kit-Kat: One of the better ones, being as simple as poo, it satisfies the want for candy bars, while tasting yummy. But you wonder why you payed more then 25 cents for it seeing as it about as complex as a paper plate.

Almond Joy: the devils doing.

Three Musketeers: Does anyone really even know what that stuff is? I do. Tar colored to look like nougat. Mmm...still a bit delicious....

Cookies and Cream Hersheys bar: the angels gift to us.

Plain Milk Chocolate bar: I think this might be good...i only like it because its a classic....

Plain Dark Chocolate bar: Meh, it's chocolate so i love it.

Comment below on you're favorite or least favorite candy bar ;)

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