Saturday, February 2, 2013

New York (part two)

Okay so NOW we move on to another highlight of local upstate new york,
Roseland waterpark. 
Found in Canadaigua  NY it is a lovely place to go for some fun, with about seven or eight big attractions (WOO) it dulls the heat of Summer time.

We got to go with my family and my sisters boyfriend, and my cousin. Here's some  professional pictures:
Kids place....
 that purple one was awesome, the white just no.

If you ever get the chance is it nice but it isnt like a big thingy :P

Concerts are nice with our many venues in: Canadaigua, Syricuse, and many others. Are scenic hills surround the stages for comfortable and amazing im done being a saleswoman and i'l show you in a 2012 flash back for a Mumford And Son concert, and then a Train/Maroon5 concert.

(taken by my sistah)

 Sorry its not very...i dunno, helpful if you want the whole venue, dang photographer likes being artistic...

 Thats apart of the band...
Blinding. Lights.

Now for Maroon5/Train...

 This was at the State Fair...sorry about blurry...

Get excited because next is on the city, it'll be short because i lost my pictures :( Merr.
Hope ya liked it ;) because...ya know...upstate newyork is absolutely fabulous....
Stay Fabulous ;) 

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  1. wow this looks like so much fun! i'm so jealous! Iwish we had places like this here in the UK x