Sunday, February 3, 2013

New York (part 3)

Okay this will short. My experience  in the Big Apple was, i cant lie, pretty amazing. I went with a drama group and started on Ellis Island...

Yes, this Ellis Island

It is a historical Asgard (Thor)and is a must see if you ever go to the big city. Inside having the complete history of the island and all the photos of the people who first came, including names and other records.

My friends and I viewed every inch of the building that was accessible (and non ;)) but we also we're distracted by the many attractive French, Italian and British boys who we're also visiting.
Probably shouldnt have added that...

Next we go into the city, passing the newest addition to the city (world trade center) and the beautiful older buildings, including the Empire State Building.

World Trade Center in Construction....

And the famous Empire State building.

Another Edition to the trip was seeing a Broadway musical, and that musical was Newsies. The show was absolutely amazing, with the moving set and the dancing shirtless men in the beginning. It was all so good, the talent in it was mind blowing and the work put into it definitely payed off.

LOOK AT THAT. Just take that in. They did that, all in sync, all perfectly...ugh talented people are so talented. 
The set moved around, THAT moved around.

After the show we went to Dinner at Planet Hollywood, and then explored the outside world. Including those red steps:

yep those ones.

And then we went to the M&M store, then we went on home. It was a fabulous trip and i definitely recommend going at some point in your lovely life.

This Concludes (so far) the New York posts ;) Hope you enjoyed them, and thank you for reading lovees :)

Love, Lizzie

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