Monday, February 4, 2013

Artist of the Week: Alice X Zhang

This is one of my favorite artists, with her fan art that blows EVERYONE else out of the water. Her style of digital to illustration is fabulous, and i myself dont really like Digital Art, but she...she's that cats pajamas.
 Alica X Zhang is a "newer" artist you could say, she's not one of the classic's yet. Much like Michael Shapcott, i believe she will be in the future.

For the Fans of:
 The Fabulous Doctor Who...

The Amazing Sherlock....

 Little Mermaid...
Tangled ;)
 One of the best movies ever...
And the hunger games.

There are SO many more amazing fabulous beautiful  pictures 
I would suggest you look at them if you

 She does mostly fan art, but does a few...not...fanart pictures for Threadless

They're are SO many more beautiful pictures but alas i can't put them all up. Or it would be a VERY long post.
If you'd like to see more (which you should if your a nice human bean)
Click one of these:

If You're Cool

You'll Click

On These Links

Stay Lovely! And hope you liked them as much as i do :D

Love, Lizzie.

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