Monday, February 25, 2013

New Things

So we all know trying something new is scary, and sometimes hard. So i've decided (as you may have read) that i would like to try filmography. So, to get in the spirit of things i've decided to post some short films on here, just because ;)

Paperman (If you we're watching the Oscars last night, you saw that this one best short film) was a disney project for Valentines Day. It's a beautifully done piece of work that will certainly brighten your day :)

 School Portrait is a short film about a school photographer whos having a bad day, i love it, its amazing.

You may have seen this Soul Pancake video but if you havent, you should watch it. It's awesome.

So i dont wanna make this post TOO long so thats all the videos i'll post for now. My camera might take a long time for me to get it (Have to work up to but when i get it out i hope i can do the things i would like, I already have an idea for a short film called the Audition. I'm thinking it'll be a silent film about a dancer who fails an audition. I hope it works out and i would love to hear any ideas for a short film :) so please comment! And stay lovely!

Also, if you enjoy things that are funny and have to do with theater check out this blog!
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Stay amazing you lovelysunflowersthatcantango ;)

Love, Lizzie

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