Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring better hurry it little bum up

If you live in New York than you know that after February twelfth the snow turns as gray as the sky and mud starts popping up on everything in sight. Spring, though a beautiful time, takes a while to turn beautiful in upstate New York. I do like cold gray days. When it's not raining but it feels like it just did. But I do hope to start the spring season with new hopes and new goals. I'm planning on buying a good video camera and making a few short films...when I do so, you guys will definitely know;)
Also spring cleaning. I gotta get around to the train wreck my room is right now...
Well I hope you all have lovely time always, and good luck to all of us with the year ahead.

Yippee Kaiyay!

Oh? Uh, sorry about that...that is...a...uh....
Sexy picture of a onesie. 

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