Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mystery Topic of the Week: Musicals

So i literally just finished watching the Broadway musical Memphis.
Sweet Lord.
It is now my favorite musical and it ripped my life in two parts because it was so awesome. If you havent seen this Musical, i suggest you get you're butt to the nearest theater that is doing it and watch it. This musical is about a young guy named Huey who likes "black" music. He goes to a club where he find Felicia, a singer at the club who wants to be famous. But she's black so that isnt really an option at the time. Huey becomes a DJ at a local radio station and starts playing R&B, making an uproar in the younger community of Memphis.
I cant tell you any more because im afraid i'l spoil it but ohmygawd just watch it.
 (Chad Kimble as Huey is my personal fav...he's a doll)

Next we go onto another one of my favorites Singing in the Rain.
Come on, we all know the song. Gene Kelly made it famous with his angel voice and flippy little feet, the story of a silent film actor who is a bit full of himself, running into the beautiful young stage actress who he falls in love with bla bla bla he gets her on stage its awesome.

They're are SO many more of my favorites but at the moment i'm still emotionally compromised by Memphis and wanting a man like Huey so i cannot think of any more.
Wow im going to fail in life.
Okay if you have any favorite musicals of yours please share them, i would love to hear all about it ;)
Also...look at these songs from Singing in the Rain and Memphis.

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