Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So here's something...

So i dont really like making posts about me, personally, but i'v decided i'd try it out.
So i'm going to Jamaica in five days, and i am VERY excited. I've never been out of my home country, USA, but i'v always wanted to. Plus, in NY February is like, the worst month ever. So, we are going to the tropical island of Jamaica on a Beaches Resort.
Awww yeaaaa!

Also i'v seen lately people doing that 25 facts about me thingy, so i decided to join the crowd.
*sigh* so mainstream....

So here we go!

#1: I think the worst thing In the world is to need some you love or they need you and not being able to get to them...if ya know what I mean. Like comforting someone over the phone cause you can't be there in person, like that feeling.
#2: I enjoy fashion, Art, music, and acting.
#3: when i was nine or eight, i fell off the back of a truck on pavement and scraped my back up and bumped my head. I was ok though, (Unbreakable)
#4: I want an Irish Wolf hound.
#5: I really love movies and tv shows...if they're good.
#6: I enjoy swimming, and warm weather...yet i wanna live in the UK in the future so i dunno hows that's gonna work :P

#7: I you can see....
#8: me and my sisters sing three part harmony since we were youngsters...well....younger than we already are ;)
#9: if i could go back and change things in my life, i would change alot, but one would be spending alot more time with my Dad.
#10: The only reason i would become a professional actor/singer would be so i could meet all my favorite people...and because it would be pretty cool.
#11: I played basketball when i was eleven but everyone said i played like a
#12: i've never had a boyfriend.
#13: I try to read my bible everyday.
#14: I can be VERY judgmental of other christians, and very defensive about non christians...not sure why.
#15: I'm the youngest girl in my family...*sigh*
#16: i sometimes wish i was dark skinned...mostly so i could be Falicia in Memphis...gawd that sounds terrible XD
#17: i once wanted to be a fashion designer...that didnt last.
#18: I've taken three diferent dance classes in my life, and once was in the Nutcracker as a BonBon.
#19: my Favorite hero is Batman. And i am very attached to the Christopher Nolan movies. Very. Attached.
#20: i'm in love with numerous fictional charactures, including Batman, Huey Calhoun, Finnick O'Dair, The Doctor and Rory Williams. Gawd.
#21: I really, really, really wanna go to the UK
#22: I enjoy blogging, and am thinking about starting to go on youtube when my life gets a bit more interesting.
#23: I like slow respect claps.
#24: I really dont like annoying people.
#25: I really like Jamaican and British accents. And Scottish too, if it's a guy.

Okay thank God, because i was running out of facts about me. So yea, there ya go. Sorry it's not very interesting, i'l have a good post up soon ;)
Tell me some facts about you!

Love, Lizzie

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