Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surprise post!

Okay i know we already did a "feature blog" but i'm going to bend my rules because i can.
Though my sister Grace is a poop, I have decided to kill her snappy attitude about the things i do by featuring her Photography, something she takes very seriously. I'v noticed that i have had over 100 page views (one follower!) so i thought that one of you might enjoy it.

If you click on her name (Grace) then you can go see her site, but i'll put some of her photos up anyways just in case your lazy like me.

this is our lovely family dog, Boo, named after the mysterious character from "How To kill a Mockingbird". My father loved that book so our other dog was named Scout ;)
The view from my grandfathers neighbors dock, lovely day, i miss summer so badly :( 

Beach in the winter, you can tell it feels a bit chilly...

My sister's friend Kim, with the daughters of her other friends...

 Para sailing on a lake near where we live.  

And last, my oldest sister, photographed by my OTHER older sister...sigh. So confusing.
SO there you have it you lovelees, My sister is a wonderful photographer and i just wanted you all to know. I'm saying this because I know she's never gonna read my blog(shes a bit apposed to it, they both are XD) :P Oh well, the price i have to pay for having two older sisters i guess.
Stay Lovely, my darlings.


  1. Great post! The dog is so cute and your sister looks great!


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  3. I think her pictures are actually pretty good. They look cool :)

  4. Thank you all so much! And i will tell her you said that =P thanks for reading XD