Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dealing with Anxeity/Stress/just feeling blue

Okay, so, we all have those days (Or those times in our life that are longer than days) when we just cant get happy; we're stressing about what we're doing with our lives, or being anxious about some shindig that we're going to on the weekend or stressing about the anxiety.
Over all, it's just...poopy.
SO i thought i should put up a post about how to handle stress, and anxiety and feeling blue :-P well, the best i can.
SO first we will handle stress.
Stress. Even the WORD sounds stressed....
Well from my experience when you get really stressed, you should take deep breaths. Slow down, take a bath (MAKE TIME) and just think calming thoughts.
Also, here are some tips with help from this site

  • Laugh- Laughing releases endorphins and reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body. Keep the company of funny people in your life. Watch some comedy YouTube videos or a nice movie. If you still need more laughter in your life, you can try a health craze from India— Laughter Yoga. Laughter clubs all around the world exercise the body and soul with a combination of hysterical laughter and traditional yoga practices. Laughter Yoga enthusiasts swear by the technique that helps them cope with stress and save them from depression. (The laughing yoga sounded a bit strange but hey! Never know until you try, right?)
  • Disconnect (ironic that you are reading this on a blog...) Though Computers can be essential to our daily lifestyle, you should take LOOOONG breaks, as long as you'v been on the computer. Go outside! The graphics are great, but if its 12 degrees then you should probably do something inside, no one should suffer through that >.< 
  • Have fun! This isn't on the list on the site but still, having fun and being happy is a good stress my opinion...
  • Dont Worry so much! You should look forward to things in life, not worry about them so much that they (and you) become miserable. 
  • Everyone should have a spa day now and then, its just a fact of life. Even make your own! Have a bath, paint your nails, eat chocolate and put cucumbers on your eyes if your feelin a bit racy. Whatever calms you down (Tea! i forgot tea...) DO IT. Even if you are super busy, make the time. It's worth it. 

Okay now on to Anxiety. The bum. 
A people suffer from anxiety issues, and i mean, A LOT. I personally have some issues, but I don't get it as bad as some. Panic attacks can be related as well, thankfully i do not get those (or i dont think i do...) but i am very sorry for the people who do :( 
As you may know, I mentioned Zoella in a blog (I think...two? Yea two posts ago.) And i posted a video of hers that meant alot to me and SO many others! If you have hard times with those kinds of things, please, dont worry you aren't alone and there is things you can do for it. 
My issue is that i will start feeling a bit sick if i am at someplace, and i have kinda worried about it, and hyped myself up for it. I don't really know why it happens, it just does, and it's very yucky because i have been at places having fun and then all of a sudden i feel like im gonna hurl on yea. Not fun. And i have missed SO many awesome things because i'v been afraid of it happening again, and then when it does i make myself worse because i get so angry at myself for not, staying while i felt sick and waited for it to pass, or i just get really really bummed that it happened over all. 
If you have the same issues, i just hope that you do not do the same things that i do and dont let it hold you back from doing things that you really love and are excited for, be happy and dont worry so much. 
And definitely dont blame yourself about feeling yucky or having an episode. 
There are so many more helpful things, i just cannot put them up at the time (sorry >.<) 

If you're just feeling blue. 
Everyone gets those days, and if your not happy and your day just sucks monkey cheeks then make a list of FIVE things that make you happy in your life. 
Whether its...i dunno, laundry that just came out of the dryer or that guy Phil that works with you, just make a list and if that doesnt work, well you're screwed. 
Just kidding dearies ;) If that doesn't work then look at these pictures: 

Click HERE to go find out how to make your own spa day! And also, some other stuff too...Check it out! 

and if you need a pep talk... 
Let the Kid President help ya out...

Be the Best you that you can be. 
Well i hope this helped, and PLEASE STAY HAPPY! 
Never give up, it will always get better if you believe and DONT WORRY SO MUCH.
Love, Lizzie

P.s. if you havent already check out Miss Zoe's blog and then check out her youtube!

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