Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mystery Topic of the week/month: Youtubers!

Hallo there everyone, today is Tuesday so you know what that means...
And that mystery topic is the Youtubers and then a little bit of Italy at the end (travel venues).
So lets get to it!

Youtuber #1:
Olan Rogers is a video blogger/ director/ writer and some say comedian, his videos are a wide range of comedy, action, drama, and even some sifi now and then.
His story telling skills have made him "famous" on the Youtube universe, check out his videos if you feel like a laugh:
Ghost in the Stalls is one of his "stories" about his adventures in a target bathroom. 

Pop Rocket is his futuristic adventure/sifi series that is more serious but still very good.
So many more videos by him including: Animation and more video blogs. 

YouTuber #2: 
The lovely Zoella is a blogger as well (Im sure you have heard of her) She is who i go to for all my beauty advice! She does videos on: Cosmetics to Anxeity, Clothing to Hair Care. She's an artist with her makeup brush and a teacher with her vocal chords (Whatever that means) 

This is her video she put up about handling Panic Attacks and Anxiety, helping many people with her problems she grew a foot taller in everyone's eyes, which we thought was not even possible.

She Does product  hauls and tells you whats what in the beauty community.
If you have any questions about beauty Click on Zoe to go to her blog and Zoella to go to her youtube channel.

Youtuber #3: 
Everyone knows this silly guy who have spread across the internet like wild fire, with his videos helping people with how to be a ninja, youtube celebrity, or a lamp.
His Videos are good old fashioned laughs if you are ever feeling down, Ryan Higa is the guy for you.
 with his newest video "Best Superbowl Commercial" he tells the story of how he was beat out of the Pistachio ad. 

Youtuber #4:
Everyone has at some point in their life seen a smosh video, one of the most popular two guys on the internet  with their videos about fandoms (Link raps in one of them) and their everyday life (they open fan mail and go get lunch) they have become a sensation on the youtube universe. The Two bestfriends have been making videos for years and seem to want to continue.
Their silly videos get a big response from the people of the world and thats the way they like it. 

the four part series about if pokemon were real was a big hit with the gamer community including...

Link Rapping about the legend of Zelda.
Over all the two guys have definitely made it big on youtube and they plan to keep it that way. 

Marilla Lipker (My sister) 
She's not well known (at all) yet but she has recently put up some videos of her songs. I thought i would help her out by putting some up on here. 

Yep. So there ya go. YIPEE FOR YOUTUBE! 

Okay then, their are so many more great video-ers (Pointlessblog, ThatcherJoe, Jenna Marbles, SamPepper, DanisNOTonfire, jacks gap, Julianunes and so on!)  but they will have to wait till next time.
Oh and look at these pictures of Italy!

Ah, so romantic. 
Hope you enjoyed the mystery topic! There will be another one next tuesday or thursday and Artist of the Week/Month will be next monday! 

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