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Future Travel Destinations: Great Britain Edition!

WOOHOO! New rule! Thursdays are Future Travel Destinations and if ya dont like it...then...i cant do anything about it...
*Cough* Anyways, i just would like to say that first off if you're having a tough day check out my post that i did BEFORE this one, its got some tips and im probably just gonna update it with more happy stuff now and then.
And pretty soon it'll be a super post.
But what if Super Post gets too powerful....
Anyways, so today we are talking about Great Britain as future travel destinations. YEA! So as you may know I very much like GB and would very much  like to go visit/live there, because i was born to be British gawd dangit.
Hoo that got hostile, so yea, today we will be talking about England, Scotland and Wales, with pretty pictures and some facts and even some personal comments of mine ;) so be prepared.

Wales is first.

Ooh! Sheep!
Wales is home to one of the most lovely country sides in the world, from its rolling hills all the way down to the bays and beaches. The old towns and new people truly make for a wonderful environment.
Bordered by England, and having the the Atlantic in the East, and the Irish Sea in the west. There is a reason I want to go here, and that reason is because it's completely lovely.

mm, romantic. 

a very high end golf course? 

A dam! 

and here are some pretty water colored wales. GET IT?!
So yes, Wales is one of the Loveliest places in the world, and it would be a sin not to want to go to its lands at some point in your life.
Just kidding, its not a sin, you would just be missing out. 

Now on to Scotland! 
Scotland is one of my favorites: From their accents to the islands, from the men to the Porcupines, it is truly a magnificent place. Occupying the the northern third of the island of Great Britain it shares (Like Wales) a border with England and the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea. It is made up of more then 790 islands (JEEPERS) including the Northern Isl, and the Hebrides. 
Scotlands old land and weathered people make for a rugged country side (and men ;) well..most of the time...) and is so amazing that it would be such a shame not to go at some point. 

its a a JUMPER! 

There isnt alotta sun either so i would fit in with my snow white skin :D

Okay you know that you would wanna live there...


A little more domestic

A little less domestic

not very domestic 

not domestic at all.
I wish i had more then pictures to look at but alas, i have not had to privelage to go to Scotland yet :( But i'm hoping that one day i might be blessed with walking on their soil and seeing there sights. 
Scotland is the place to be. 

Now Last, but not least...
The old, elegant, wise, new, stupid world of England is my dream. The way they speak, the way they carry on when times are hard the way they live is a beauty to me. I know its not that great but i still love it to death and i would really love to go see it in person someday. 
England shares borders with Scotland and Wales and includes over 100 islands (The isles of Scilly and many others) and is one of the most beloved countries, led by the Queen and keeping their heads high. 
London in Night...
London in day....

We sometimes forget about the "country"side of England and get wrapped up in London and such but just look at this place...its so magnificent. 
I hope you enjoyed this little "dream" post of mine, i thank Pinterest for the pictures and Great Britain for being so awesome. 
The GB is the stuff. 
Good day my darlinghoneymuffinsparkles. 

P.s. my mum has told me of an Art Program that is in England and i may be going in a few years, if you're from the UK could you suggest some nice living places? 

P.p.s I'm going to Jamaica on the 12th with my family and wont be back till the seventeenth, so if i dont blog for a week dont worry, im in Jamaica. (EEK) 

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