Friday, November 22, 2013

Growing Up is Tough

Okay so I'm in the little part of growing up, like 1/3 through and I have a lot to learn, but today I wanna talk about what I'm learning right now.

Lesson 1:

Most boys my age that I know are huge potato farts. (not nice people) And not all of them are, just...most. And I know how it's okay bla bla bla boys are stupid and such, but seriously, I'v got slim pick-ins for the future, let me tell you. And the ones that are good live far away in a magical land. Serious. Dilemma.

Lesson 2: Fictional people are more interesting to me than any real human (my age) and I think that's a problem.

Lesson 3: I DON'T LIKE PARTIES. Unless they're like, family (Christmas Parties is where it's at) or close friends. And even then, meh.

Lesson 4: All of my friends...are not that great.
So there's always (at points in our lives) times when you kinda look around and go: I don't really like these people that much. I mean, I'm not being mean, it's me not them, and there are a few (A FEW) that I still enjoy being around, but yeah...Either I'm changing, or they are, and they don't seem too different. *Sigh*
The reason I'm worried about this is because I'm pretty sure if I stop going to things I hate (Saturday morning gatherings -_-) Then I probably won't make an effort to EVER go into the outside world except for parties, and the occasional going to the movies.
But I'm worried for myself because being homeschooled and not that into people, makes you pretty stereotypical and an easy target. Bleh.
Okay, not worried, cause worries are stupid, just kinda...not looking forward to some peoples comments. Which there may or may not be. But I'm tough as nails and have faith like a 75 year old man so I'm good.

Love, Lizzie

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