Friday, September 27, 2013

Am I an old soul?

 The saying "old soul" is usually used for young people who seem like they are 78 or something. I'm not sure this applies to me, but I'v been feeling kind of...out of place with my fellow 14/15/16/17 year olds. They all want to make bad decisions, be wild and free and rebellious and that's okay because I mean, come on, it's only high school.
But the thing is that they seem to forget that it IS just highschool.
Now, I don't know what happened to me (well, yes I do but I still wonder why I don't wanna party all night, have sex and be in dramatic relationships) but I would rather sit home in quiet and look through lookbook while watching netflix than go to a party. My friends are dear to me (Well...some) but they have been seeming...not so fun lately.
Maybe this is because I'm homeschooled and have a strong faith but I'v never been one that is effected by "pier pressure". I'm not saying I haven't felt lonely or bad about not being around people, but if someone doesn't like me, I just kind of accept it and move on.
This is good and bad.
I'v never really made an effort to keep friends, from over years of experience of meeting people, getting to know them, and then growing apart I just didn't make the time.
I'm glad that this has sort of changed and that the people who matter have stuck around. But what I'm getting at is that I don't know if I'm a good teenager.
I'v realized that I'm kind of turning into Nick Miller and am fed up with "kids" all the time, if I lived in a suburb I would probably yell at them for coming on my lawn.
Well I don't know.
Maybe this is just me, but it's pretty hard being 14 and not wanting to hang out with the "grown ups" or the cool kids.
So here is my ramble.

Sorry for the delay in posts, I'm trying to get together another lookbooker post :)
See you soon xox

Love, Lizzie

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