Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Favorite Lookbookers (part 4)

Charlotte Boe

This lovely redhead is all about vintage clothes, Guatemalan coffee and living life. Her style is unique and adorable, going perfectly with the maroon hair and her lovely name. This lookbooker cannot be over looked if you ask me, and certainly wont. She adds to her lovely-ness with her love of old films and good literature. I'm so glad she shares her fashion with us, and i'm excited to see more.

Charlotte's Links:


The name he goes by captures his style. His constant easy going class and lovely attitude makes him a great inspiration in the male side of lookbook. He adores traveling and has been to many places including Paris, Seoul, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona, London, Tokyo, and many other places. I hope to see more from him and is a great part of the community.

Constant's Links:

Enerel M.

This eclectic free spirit is one of my most recently found favorites, her short hair and sweet yet serious style gives me inspirations for my own outfits, and i really am excited to see what she does next. She's a blogger, and has an eye for great things and i really can't get enough of her photography and outfits.

Enerel's Links:

Margarita Miss

This easy going music journalist has an eye for fashion that's impossible not to like. With mixtures of boho and modern lounge she can make anything look good and comfortable. Her name is as cute as she is and she cannot be overlooked. If you need inspiration for easy going yet classic, she's the girl for you. She's a blogger, and loves her shoes. If i were you, i'd check her out for sure.

M.M's Links:

All the people I feature are not only good with fashion, but are all very lovely on the inside as well and i'm very glad they let me feature them. 
Thanks for reading xox
Love, Lizzie


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