Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just some of me.

So this post is kind of odd, it'll have some fashion, some notebook and some rambling...
So i guess...
the usual?
God, now i understand why no one reads this....
Anyways, yea this is just...a thanks to you guys. The few who do read my blog, even if it's not regularly i'm glad somebody enjoys it now and then.
You guys, everybody in the "blogger community" have been so extremely kind and welcoming to me. It's been amazing, because the internet can be pretty awful sometimes...but this, blogging and fashion (Lookbook and such) has been so nice to me. Easy to get into too, it's not like there are 'blog celebrities', i mean, some bloggers are more well known than others don't get me wrong, but it's not like on YouTube where, only the big people get noticed. I dunno, i'm rambling but i just wanted to say thank you.
Because seriously, my blog is so weird and random i don't even know what category it's in because one minutes i'l have fashion:

And then life updates or random pictures of my life, or belongings: 

I used this notebook for a course i was doing, now it's filled with poetry and doodles.
So pretty much Tumblr in a book.
Except no GIFS. 

So i dunno what my blog is, but when i started it i was just gonna talk to you guys.
And i guess...That's what i'm doing...
But even if i'm talking to myself, if you do read this please take the time to comment what you think my blog is and if you enjoy it...Cause i enjoy doing it.
By the way...
Looking for a pen pal, e-mail for now (i don't have a p.o box) 
Let me know if any one is interested :) 

Lol what a newb. 


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