Monday, July 22, 2013

Another project and some updates.

So sorry i haven't posted anything in at LEAST 700 years but yea. Here i am.
The reason i haven't is because i'v been up to my ear lobes in busy and just couldn't think of anything to tell you guys because i was perpetually tired.
So here i am.
Here you are.
And this is what has been going on:


The terrifying girl in the pale blue dress is me. 
I loved to be on stage again and i hope to be on it again, because though i now have some time left, i'm sad it's over. 
Enough about my boring life whats going on with you? 


A: Nice
B: Terrible
C: Well it was bound to happen at some point
D: I know, tv shows hit close to home sometimes.

But seriously if you're still reading, thanks and hope i brighten your day just a bit ;)

Here's part 2 of my project.
What am i doing with my life.

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