Sunday, June 16, 2013

Family isn't always who you're related to...

Last night was one of the first sunny days we've had, I spent most of the day inside working and at acapella but in the evening, we had dinner with my Mothers best friends, AKA my Godparents.
The evening was so refreshing after weeks of rain and gray days, we soaked it up and got enough to prepare us for the new week ahead.

I just realized I actually only got video of my Godparents, and only took pictures of my sister...

(She was looking at our dog, who was looking lovingly up at her...she loves dinner time haha)

Wild roses are some of my absolute favorite flowers of this time of year. 

Spring/Summer flowers are beautiful and I love these. My camera doesn't exactly capture the beauty of the colors, but still.

Just thought i'd give you my outfit of the day, gray again but I decided to brighten it up with my new headband (huehuehue) and a bright spring colored blue/turquoise sweater.

I can't lie, I do really love the lighting of these spring gray days, the flowers especially stand out against the dull atmosphere. 

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