Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Generation.

So i recently read the TIME magazine article about our Generation, the Millennials.
In the article he touched on many facts produced by Psychology Professors, Kim Kardashian and the Human Relations leader at DreamWorks.
All are good points, all are true.
But it's more a point of view, in the article he really out did himself (the writer) by getting point of views from over nine or ten people, young and older.
The over all 50/50 view of my generation (The people born from 1980 to 200) is that we are lazy but imaginative, narcissistic but accepting.
We're extremely wary of the world yet ditsy of the life ahead. We have such great expectations but no wisdom.
The one thing i did realize that was completely correct about myself and others is that we have no ambition, or life outside of our electronics.
I know that i spend over three hours on my computer, and over six hours on my phone and ipod. I lack in skills when it comes to Math, Science and history, yet know so much about how to Film, how to drive, what is the best thing to use while writing a paper, blog post, or reading a blog post or paper.
So it  seems to me that our generation is less school smart, and more street smart, but yet SO dumb about world problems and what we should do.
We are the contradiction to ourselves, we want to be different yet are the same, we want to do things but dont want to work.
We are the 50/50 generation, the "Well they can do that much" children. The article wasnt just about how lazy and self absorbed we are, many people (That our out and in our generation) believe that we are one of the best.
We are the children of innovation, dreams, and war. I have a feeling this post is rather confusing because i say one thing and then say another that is either repeating or contradicting.
The generation that I am in (among with SO many others, we are the largest generation so far) is the thinkers, more than do-ers. We dont do much physical work but do work at home instead on the computer or iphone or tablet.
When the article touched on this i realized that i was exactly like the thing they were talking about: So many kids, and young adults are doing business on youtube or facebook or twitter, or instagram.
And I am going to be making videos (that will take physical work mind you) to put on YouTube and yes i hope someone enjoys them and gets something from them.
In the end, i think our Generation is the most confusing, compelling, interesting, boring, imaginative, insecure narcissistic one there is.

We are the 50/50 children...
And at the moment, i can only see the bad half.



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