Friday, May 24, 2013

Lets talk

Oof. So much to say, not sure how to put it so i dont sound like a complete wack job...


Okay first:

This has been really bothering me lately; the hate on style. Why is that a person cant dress the way they want, without being called

  • Weird
  • Freak
  • etc.
I mean, cant people express themselves how they want through clothes without being judged? 
I mean, i know that some ways of dressing are inappropriate ( Booty short I'M LOOKIN AT YOU) but when you dress appropriately, and it's not...i dunno (THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANYONE) leggings, uggs, northface jacket and straight long hair, you're thought of as weird or strange or freaky.
I mean what is that about.
I know i have an odd sense of fashion but c'mon, people should be able to wear what they want without worrying about being bullied.
People shouldnt care what other people think of them all the time, but it's hard not to when they say hurtful things .
Let's make a change? Yea? Sounds good? Good.


and yes i have been using it to take narcissistic selfies. 

but also i am hoping to start making videos as soon as i can! it's just hard when you have no friends and no drivers licence xD
Oh well 

mmm....i love myself.

Love, Lizzie

(Just as a disclaimer i was kidding lol) 
(dont trust my words) 


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