Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three people who inspire me:

My Parents
(I'm counting them as one person, dont judge me) for as long as i can remember my Mom and Dad have been the most supportive, strong, genuine people. They're love for each other was obvious, and they loved us kids even more. My mother has always been there when i need her, and my father taught me most of what i know about sports, work, life and faith, owning his own business he knew how to work hard and be a true friend and father, and my mother taught us how to be merciful and passionate about the things we love.
They truly inspire me

Look at that pink and blue striped shirt, he was so fashion aware ;)

Louis Cole
Right now, Louis is traveling across the USA after traveling all over the world, including the UK and New Zealand. When he was young he started his adventures by moving out of his parents home and into his friends house, making it an open home to homeless people or just anyone who needed a place to sleep.
He then lived in a homeless "squat" for a little while, but he got out of there quickly because of the dangers around him.
His trips started on his 21st brithday when he rented a mini buss and traveled with friends around Europe.
I would tell you more but you can hear all about his life in this video he made (He has two youtube channels, Fun For Louis, and Food For Louis, i'd go check em out if i were you ;) :
Louis really inspires me to do what i love and make a change in the world. 

Next is someone a bit typical, he's Abraham Lincoln.
Yes, i know. 
You probably have guessed why he has inspired me. 

Okay guys, comment someone who inspires you! I'l probably do another one of these because many people inspire me to do great things. 

Love, Lizzie

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Thanks guys! You make my day lovely :) 

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