Saturday, March 2, 2013

Story time.

I think it's time for a story. 
So my little brother likes to watch the show "Finding Bigfoot" with me and my sister, he's 8 now but this story takes place when the poor boy is seven. 
My cousin and his wife came up from Tennessee to visit, and my cousin is a big guy. He's over 6 feet and he too enjoys the show. 
So, when he found out that John (my brother) liked the show he decided to pull a prank on him (Remember, Kirt is like...24 and John was seven at the time) and he asked my little brother if he thought Sasquatch was real or not. 
He replied, no. 
And since my family is the way that it is, we decided to bring my brother out into the woods behind our house at night and look for Bigfoot. 
Here was plan: Kirt would go out, dressed up in a brown costume thingy, bang on some trees, make some howls and scare the pants off my seven year old brother. The five of us (My oblivious little brother, My cousins wife, my sister, my other sister and myself) went out into the dark with our flashlights and a camera, on our road to finding a squatch. 
 "Do you hear that?" We all said to John as Kirt banged on a tree a few feet away in the dark. He stiffened, his little innocent seven year old eyes going wide, but still playing it cool. 
 We walked a little ways until there was a howl. It rippled through the trees and though i knew it was a prank i still got a little jumpy. i cant lie. 
My sister, Grace, walked up ahead, saying that she saw something "Squatchy" (Whatever the hell that means) and went up to look at the eaten doughnuts that we had set out earlier for "bait". My brother got a little flustered. 
All of a sudden a being rushed out of the woods and tackled my sister. 
No joke, i thought my brother was gonna pass out. He went limp and my sister and i had to literally drag him towards the wrestling match that was happening a few feet from us. My brother's shaky form pushed up against me and my older sister until he stopped and yelled: "I SEE YOU KIRT."
I'm sure he's gonna need therapy in a few years.

It didnt help that as we we're walking to the house one of stayed behind and let out a sasquatch howl. 

It was gold. 

Love, Lizzie

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