Friday, March 1, 2013

Book Hangovers.

We all know the feeling you get when you finish a good book. Especially, a good book SERIES. When you get done and you know that there isn't another one coming. Ever.
You feel like a piece of dust, blowing about, in the middle of a glass case of emotion. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR MEANINGLESS LIFE.
And you just kinda curl up in a ball somewhere and silently cry for at least 4 days.
Like, when i finished the Hunger Games, i couldnt find joy in anything for the period of 72 hours. Tragic.
And i know that when Ally Carters Gallagher series ends i certainly wont be able to properly function for 2880 minutes.
It reminds me of a quote: "All things end, all hearts are broken."
WELL THANKS A LOT FOR WARNING US MICROFT. What a bum. But what brought me to this post was that i just finished the second book of the Wondla series, and i have to wait a VERY long time for the third book.
Because each book is like, 500 pages long.
And though the author is very good, i doubt he is a speed demon. Well...maybe...
So the Wondla Series are centered around a 12 year old girl named Eva Nine, Muthr Robot and her friend, Rovender. It's a really great series if you're looking for a book to read.
All good, in da hood.
Sorry i havent been doing very fun posts, good one soon ok lovelies ;)

The Hero For Wondla is the second book.


  1. I get this feeling all the time! I wander around the house like CRUEL WINDS BLOWING NOW I'VE FINISHED MY BOOK.

    Could you check out my blog please?

    Thanks xxx

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?! and definitely :) thanks for the follow!