Sunday, January 27, 2013

Out there, Barnaby...

I dream of traveling. Though i love my small towns all around me, I want to go actually places, i don't mean that in like: "I'm going places! I'm gonna be a star, mama!" i mean actual places.
I found some pictures courtesy of the lovely site Pinterest (you've probably never heard of it...) so I will show them below and try my best to remember where the photographs were taken:

These three are (as you may have guessed) of elegant England (one of my highest on the travel list)

These i think are Norway, Netherlands, and some little town in that area...

And these are of romantic France...I have more just was too lazy to share them at the moment.
But yes, my curse is that I'm restless, I want to do things and go places but I get so caught up in dreaming i forget to move my legs. But there is hope: My darling amazing lovely sexy beast of a mother informed me that there is a Christian art program that is in England that she would gladly look into for me.
         Fingers crossed. 
          Toes aswell...
             Stay Lovely My Unicornangelfacedglitterpukes xoxo

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