Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello, Hi, Howdy, G'day Mate, Hey, How YOU doin'

Hallo there.
I know you dont know me, and I sure dont know you but I'm going to share my thoughts with whoever is reading this, how exciting.
So this blog is going to be about really whatever i please, it may be a BIT boring, i dunno if i'm interesting or not but i wanted a blog so deal with it.
So here are ten things about me (ya know, just to start our relationship)
#1: I like fashion, though i dont get involved with it as much as i'd like.
#2: I can sing, and like to do it. And i'v been told im quite good.
#3: I live in a pretty big family and all my siblings (including me) are homeschooled except for the ones who have graduated...lucky punks.
#4: I like being young but I wish I could do things that older people do...well, some things...
#5: I love to paint.
#6: I dislike racism. Quite a lot.
#7: I want to travel SO bad to Europe and other far away places.
#8: I don't like waking up in the morning.
#9: I love British phrases and how they speak.
#10: I like trying new things, even though I don't always like those things after I have tried them.

SO anyhoo...
Yesterday my brother (older) proposed to his long time love. It was about time if you ask me, they didnt really even start dating until this year and they've liked/loved each other for YEARS. Its been exhausting for the people around them but I'm SO happy for him:-) Woopee for those crazykidawkwardbutlovelyturtles!
So, i kicked off the new year with a blog that no one read, some lovely Christmas gifts (Floral Jeans, AW YEA!), so much food that if i weren't Italian and German i would probably die and a few new years resolutions that i have kinda sorta kept:
#1: Be nicer to people and dont be so quick to judge.
#2: Take better care of myself.
#3: Be nice to my mum.

Yea, there were more but I forgot.
Aw shucks.
So yes, I am Lizzie, and you will be hearing from me until next time, T.T.F.N (Ta Ta For Now)

P.s. Stay Fabulous because I'm sure you are.

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